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Without access to the right people, the most appropriate resources and the brightest thinking,
ideas and innovations can languish in the laboratory or workshop…and the economy will
continue to sputter along. Our objective is to put ideas, access, transparency and outcomes at
the forefront of today’s innovation agenda.
At the iBridge Network we are not gate keepers. Rather, we strive to play the role of boundary
spanner— we are uniquely positioned to attract leading universities and industry as well as work
closely with high levels of the government, allowing us to facilitate relationships, provide access
to information and entrepreneurs, and offer links to a whole new world of possibilities to help
navigate innovation from ideas through to real world applications.
The iBridge Network is designed to meet the needs of…
RESEARCHERS who are looking to:
Promote their research and themselves to companies, research sponsors and entrepreneurs
Position themselves as experts in their respective fields
Share their research tools and materials, with quantifiable citations to the creators
Find existing research tools and best practices that help stretch research grants and resources by
eliminating the need to “recreate the wheel”
Times of economic uncertainty and upheaval can inspire extraordinary innovation. Those who view
this current downturn as an opportunity can not only stimulate and revive the economy in the
short term, but also unearth breakthroughs that are still being talked about decades from now.
The iBridge Network was developed with collaboration-focused innovators in mind: companies,
entrepreneurs, universities and researchers. Are you:
l inking ideas & innovation
The iBridge Network Innovation Catalyst—Connect, Collaborate & License
A P r o g r a m o f t h e I n n o v a t i o n A c c e l e r a t o r F o u n d a t i o n , I n c .
STOP SEARCHING. It’s here, on the iBridge Web site—www.iBridgeNetwork.org
Seeking to transform today’s ideas and discoveries into tomorrow’s research, products and services?
Looking for access to the right people, most appropriate resources and brightest thinking?
Hoping to collaborate on the next breakthrough, but need some more insights?
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UNIVERSITIES that want to:
License their innovations, technologies and materials with lower transaction costs
Promote to potential research sponsors and collaborators both their research strengths and
lesser known initiatives and capabilities
Increase the number of external connections to the university through collaboration, funding
and licensing
Highlight their faculty and investigators as subject-matter experts.
COMPANIES AND ENTREPRENEURS that are interested in:
Accessing, at one site, a deep pool of research capabilities from dozens of leading universities
Identifying and collaborating with academic research partners
Reducing transaction times through online licensing in some cases
Identifying universities and academic researchers that have a particular interest in working
with industry
The iBridge Network is “shovel ready” to drive innovations to revive our economy.
But don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what others are saying:
“ The iBridge Network provides an important additional pathway for entrepreneurs to access
university innovations that may otherwise have been lost. The transparency of this pathway
between entrepreneurs and researchers certainly will stimulate innovation and fuel new ventures.”
William Garner, M.D. , MPH
CEO of Urigen, N.A., Inc.
“ Our economy and our standard of living are inextricably intertwined with university innovations.
Unfortunately, our country’s revenue-focused, short-term outlook often interferes with the
long-term possibilities of university research and collaborations with industry and entrepreneurs
beyond university walls. The iBridge Network helps break down these barriers by providing low
transaction costs, and a direct link between these parties that potentially will lead to ground
breaking relationships and technologies, spurring revenue and fueling our economy.”
— Alfred R Berkeley
Chairman – Pipeline Financial Group, Inc.
Former President and Vice ChairmanNasdaq Stock Market, Inc.
Join our growing community today at http://www.iBridgeNetwork.org/join or contact us
at 800-573-5136 to find out more.
STOP SEARCHING. It’s here, on the iBridge Web site – http://www.iBridgeNetwork.org
The iBridge Network
Innovation Catalyst—Connect, Collaborate & License