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Exploring what’s important
Posted by Donald A. Coutu Dec 1, 2013
Curiosity unlocks the mind and provides us with enough
clues to why we had taken the time to continue thinking
about thinking. I’m amazed at how many strands of
consciousness can be unwound when your mind stops
trying to trichs us by promising rewards that leave us
hollow and unfulfilled. That’s why I enjoy allowing my
curiosity to continue exploring the things that once
seemed impossible and trying now to unlock the next set
of secrets.http://coutudonalda.wordpress.com
Disrupting our business model – It’s all in a day’s work
Jun 11, 2013 | Paul Stupay
We know that innovation can play a role in the disruption of a business model, a market or
an industry. How often are companies trying to protect their business models, rather than
proactively re-invent them to meet the changing needs of the market? Why am I bringing this
up? Well, NineSigma is disrupting its business model as we speak and this is a very exciting
place to be!
I recently wrote about a few areas that represent What’s New at NineSigma. Let me take a
few moments to underscore the business model implications of what we are doing.
Practically everything we do at NineSigma stems from our Core Competencies:
Frame, Find, Filter, Focus; four areas of expertise required to be the best in
the world at uncovering technologies to solve our clients’ innovation needs.
But our Core Competencies do not define our business model. Our business is
changing. Open Innovation is reaching the mainstream;“crossing the chasm”, if
you will. And through this shift, across geography and market space, NineSigmapacutopianpromises.wordpress.com: Exploring what’s important
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is working collaboratively with our clients (thank you Customer Advisory Board!)
and partners to evolve our strategy in new and interesting ways.
How does this affect our business model? We are proactively disrupting it. NineSigma is
changing its business model through our Managed Innovation Galleries which expands the
portfolio of needs our clients can effectively tackle through Open Innovation. This reduces
the overall cost per challenge while allowing them to access the same, highly-valued elite
networks as they do today through our Technology Search (RFP) Solutions. The Innovation
Gallery opens up exciting areas to feature Technology Offers which is such an important
part of the Open Innovation equation. And, for those companies who are experts at defining
their problem statements and evaluating potential solutions, Managed Innovation Galleries
allow clients to do more themselves. They can get information faster and interact directly
with Solution Providers in real-time.
What has the response been to our business model shift? For now, the change
in business model has created a burst of positive energy, resulting in our teams
dreaming up new concepts and delivering new innovations in Open Innovation.
More to come….
– See more at: http://www.ninesigma.com/blog/
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Dec 1, 2013 1:07 PM Donald A. Coutu
Thanks you for sharing thinking about thinking.