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Donald A. Coutu‘s insight:

Syria StatementBrussels  |   1 Sep 2013

Assuming the U.S. Congress authorises them, Washington (together with some allies) soon will launch military strikes against Syrian regime targets. If so, it will have taken such action for reasons largely divorced from the interests of the Syrian people.  The administration has cited the need to punish, deter and prevent use of chemical weapons – a defensible goal, though Syrians have suffered from far deadlier mass atrocities during the course of the conflict without this prompting much collective action in their defence. The administration also refers to the need, given President Obama’s asserted "redline" against use of chemical weapons, to protect Washington’s credibility – again an understandable objective though unlikely to resonate much with Syrians. Quite apart from talk of outrage, deterrence and restoring U.S. credibility, the priority must be the welfare of…

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Today I finally think it's time to share a piece of a philosophy that curiosity helps me to recreate every morning. it's just another clue to thinking about thinking. Okay what does that mean it means that helping therapeutic communities through Circles of Hope is coming soon to everyone who's willing to except the test of the Circles of Transparency.

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